Double DDee

HipHop and Dancehall Reggae Artist Double DDee

double ddee 2

Double DDee, whose real name is Debbie Duran, was born and raised in Allman Town, Kingston Jamaica. She migrated to the United States in the early 2000s as a young adult to Martinsburg, West Virginia. Within just a few years, she moved to New York City, one of the biggest cities in the world known for its richness in finance, arts and entertainment.

In New York, Double DDee immediately sought out music opportunities, performing at places like Club Demerara and Soul Café (owned by Malik Yoba) in Manhattan. During one of her performances, Double DDee was approached by a record label scout who used to visit the bars to hear new talents perform. Like many young excited artists, she signed her life away in a very complex contract with language that she thought she understood. Upon further examination of the contract she signed prematurely by her newly appointed attorney, it was determined that she would have no control and possession of her songs. A situation that did not sit well with Double DDee. As a result, she decided to quit music, but it came at a price. Quitting the label did not prove to be a viable option because it did not release her from her contract. The contract she signed prevented her from performing or signing with any other record label for over six years.

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